Plastic Oil Tank Recycling

Oil and Diesel Tank Recycling

Storm Recycling offer a wide range of plastic recycling services across the UK, including a Plastic Oil Tank Recycling service for end of life Plastic Oil Tanks and Plastic Diesel tanks .

Important Note

We CANNOT collect individual oil tanks. If you have a tank to dispose of we suggest you talk to your local tank replacement company.

Do You Collect Plastic Oil Tanks for Recycling?

We collect plastic oil tanks of all sizes from all over the UK.

Please note that this is a chargeable service to cover the  costs of collection.

How Should We Prepare Our Tanks for Collection?

For health and safety reasons we ask that tanks are drained of residual oil and diesel. For logistical reasons we ask that that you cut the tops of some tanks to use the bottom half as a storage vessel. Then cut up the rest and put them inside the half tanks.

Any metal fittings and clear viewing pipes should be removed and discarded (we cannot take these).

Do You Have Minimum Collection Quantities?

Yes, and we recommend it is in your best interests to make sure you have as much weight as possible on the lorry. We only collect using 40′ articulate lorries and it costs the same to collect 1 tonne as 5 tonnes, so the more you get on the lorry, lower the costs per tonne.

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How Much Do You Pay for Plastic Oil Tanks?

Because of the oil/diesel smell which is impossible to remove from the plastic these tanks have little value.

We will charge you the cost of transport (at cost) and then rebate you at the prevailing rate for the plastic. This may or may not cover the cost of the transport .

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Environmental Commitment

Storm Recycling are committed to the environment and by using our  network of plastic recycling partners rather than one central plastic recycling facility, we can minimise the environmental impact and carbon footprint of  transporting and recycling your end of life Plastic Oil Tanks for recycling.

How Can We Help?

To tell us about your Plastic Oil Tank Recycling Requirements please complete the following form.

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