PET Preform Recycling

PET Preform Recycling

Storm Recycling offer a wide range of plastic recycling services across the UK, including a PET Preform Recycling service for your production waste. We recycle production waste bottles too.

PET Preform Recycling – Do You Collect?

We will collect your PET Preform and PET Bottle production waste for recycling.

Preforms should be stored in big bags or boxes on pallets.

Bottles should be compressed into bales to maximise loads.

Ideally, both products should be segregated into Clear (some light blue allowed) and other colours (Jazz) to maximise your rebate.

Do You Have Minimum Collection Quantities?

Yes! Realistically the minimum collection quantity for recycling  is around 5 tonnes (3,000 Kgs).

It may be possible to collect smaller quantities than 5 tonnes but this may incur a charge. 

Please complete the quote form below to find out more.

How Much Do You Pay?

It depends on several factors, but mostly the quantity available for collection, the colour and the distance it needs to be transported.

Please complete the form below to get a quotation.

Environmental Commitment

Storm Recycling are committed to the environment and by using our  network of plastic recycling partners rather than one central plastic recycling facility, we can minimise the environmental impact and carbon footprint of  transporting and recycling your PET Preforms for recycling.

How Can We Help?

To tell us about your recycling requirements please complete the following form.

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