Selling Your Plastics

Are you selling your plastics? Many plastic recyclers only deal with a small range of  the hundreds of different plastic types that exist in the market today.  As a faclitator of plastic recycling Storm Recycling do not have this limitation.

Some plastic types are more attractive to  us commercially for plastic recycling because they are more widely recycled but we will endeavour to  find a home for any plastics that you have available for sale or disposal if the quantities are right.


Selling Your Plastics – Individuals?

Sorry but we do not take plastics from individuals or households!

Storm Recycling handle plastics generated in the home but only after they have been processed by a Materials Recovery Facility. It is not feasible for us to take materials from individual households because of the small quantities involved. 

We only facilitate recycling. We do not have any physical equipment so please DO NOT send us your household plastics. 

Selling Your Plastics – Minimum Quantities?

Unfortunately we cannot take very small quantities of plastic for recycling!

Minimums vary according to product type but realistically the minimum collection quantity for most plastics is around 3 tonnes (3,000 Kgs).

How Do I Pack My Plastics for Collection?

Packaging will depend on the form of the waste and should be  appropriate for that form. Essentially the plastics should be packed and  secured in such a manner as to reach their destination in good condition.

Common packaging:-

  • For Scrap –  metal cages (stillages), industrial skips, boxes, FIBC’s etc.
  • For Regrind  / Pellet – 25 kgs bags/sacks, FIBC’s, Octoboxes

It is our usual and our preferred option for plastics that we purchase to be packed  onto pallets for ease of loading / unloading using a fork lift truck. However  if supplying baled materials this may not be necessary. Please check our  requirements before shipment.

Selling Your Plastics – How Much Do We Pay?

NB. Not all plastic waste will attract a rebate. Depending on the quantity you have and the quality we will either pay you a rebate OR offer you a FREE collection OR you may be required to pay a “gatefee” to have your plastics collected.

We will offer a competitive rebate or gatefee compared to the prevailing market price. 


If you have materials to dispose of and would like a quote please complete the form below. 

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