What Is Plastic Regrind?

Plastic regrind is the output from the plastic granulation process. After plastic parts have been fed through a granulator, chopped up and passed through a grading screen you end up with a granulate called regrind.


Below are some of the types of hard plastic scrap that are processed through a granulator to produce regrind.
Hard Plastic Scrap for Granulation
Hard Plastic Scrap for Granulation

Rigid plastic scraps are fed through a granulator .

The rotating blades of the granulator chip away at the plastic scraps until the pieces of regrind are small enough to fall through the grading screen. At which point, they are conveyed away through pipework to a packing station.

Find out more about the plastic granulation process.

Plastic Granulation Machine
Plastic Granulator

After – Plastic Regrind

After the plastic granulation process the plastic scraps are unrecognisable as the product they once were. They are now plastic regrind (roughly chopped pieces of plastic approximately 10-12mm in diameter).

Plastic Regrind
Typical Plastic Regrind - Single Colour

The regrind in the previous image came from single stream (all the same product) and single colour waste streams. From left to right these were domestic heating oil tanks (Plastic Type: MDPE) , cd cases (Plastic Type: GPPS) and packaging crate (Plastic Type: HDPE).

All That Jazz

Often the plastic scraps that are granulated are not all the same colour.

The resulting regrind is therefore a mixed colour.  This is known as “Jazz” Regrind.

Jazz Plastic Regrind
Jazz Plastic Regrind

What Can Storm Recycling Do For You?

Toll Processing – if you have plastic scrap and would like it back in a usable format Storm Recycling can arrange for your material to be processed either to regrind or we can take it a step further and have it compounded back to your desired specification. CONTACT US

Secure Destruction – if you have redundant plastic products, items damaged and subject to an insurance claim, confiscated items etc that need to be destroyed to prevent them from re-entering the market as goods we can help. CONTACT US

We can purchase your regrind – GET A QUOTE

We can source and sell regrind to you – GET A QUOTE

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To find out more about  plastics and plastic recycling check out the website of the British Plastics Federation.