Toll Processing - Of Plastic Waste

Toll Processing – Retaining Value

At Storm Recycling we recognise the value in your waste plastics. Toll processing can help you return your production waste, defects or off-spec products into valuable raw materials again.

This reduces your need for Virgin product, saving you money and helping the environment.

Using our network of Plastic Recycling partners we offer wide range of toll processing services for plastics.

We can ensure that your plastics are recycled here in the UK  and as close to the location of your waste as possible to minimise the cost on the environment and on your bottom line.

What Is Toll Processing?

In a toll processing (toll recycling) arrangement, you (the client) provide plastic production waste, end of life products as raw materials for processing by a third party (us) into your desired new format (ie. converting scrap to regrind or regrind to compound).

You are charged a fee for that processing as a cost per tonne. Any additives or colourants used and any transport costs are usually added as a separate cost.

Toll Processing of plastic waste helps to close the loop in the use of raw materials in the circular economy recommended by the New Plastics Economy

Toll Recycling Services

Our range of toll processing (toll recycling) services include:-

  • Manual sorting of  the plastics into their different plastic types
  • Washing and drying  to remove dirt and other impurities
  • Shredding /  plastic granulation service to reduce the size of the waste into a size suitable for final  processing
  • Compounding to  produce a high quality recycled plastic compound
  • You can select as few or as  many of our toll recycling services as you require and have your raw materials  returned to you in the form and packaging you require.


Regrind is typically supplied in FIBC’s (bulk bags).

Compound can be returned to  you in the packaging of your choice. including 25 kg paper sacks, foil lined  bags, FIBC’s, Octoboxes and for larger quantities by bulk tanker delivery.

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