Closed Loop Recycling

What is Closed Loop Recycling?

Much of the recycling done in the UK currently is Open Loop Recycling as opposed to Closed Loop Recycling. This is  where products at the end of their first useful life are collected and broken down into constituent parts. Some become the input(s) into the recycling process, some become fuel (energy from waste) and some become waste. The recycling process typically converts the inputs into rGrade raw materials that can be used to manufacture different products.

In recent times there has been much talk about the “Circular Economy” as part of the UK Plastics Pact and the idea of Closed Loop Recycling has become more popular.

Closed Loop Recycling aims to manage the supply chain. To keep all of  the materials from a products’ first useful life in the recycling chain to be used again into the same or similar products. Typically by the same manufacturer. This is an important tenet of the circular economy imagined by the Ellen McArthur Foundation in their study of the New Plastics Economy.

End of Life Plastic Products

At Storm Recycling we recognise that  plastic products can and often do have more than one useful life. Our circular recycling service allows products at the end of one useful life to be  collected, recycled and returned to you or the plastic moulding / production  facility of your choice.

Using our network of Plastic Recycling partners we can offer a full range of plastic recycling services ensuring that your end of life plastic products are recycled here in the UK and as close to the location of the waste  as possible. Thus minimising the cost on the environment and on your bottom line.

Typical products that work well in a circular recycling scheme include:-

  • Wheeled refuse bins (PEHD)
  • Bottle crates (PEHD / PP)
  • Gas / Water Pipes (PEHD / PEMD)

However, any end of life plastic product can be successfully recycled in a closed loop recycling scheme so long as effective and efficient collection systems can be put into place.

Closed Loop Recycling Services

Our comprehensive range of closed loop processing  plastic recycling services include:-

  • Manual sorting of  the plastics into their different plastic types
  • Washing and drying  to remove dirt and other impurities
  • Shredding /  granulation to reduce the size of the waste into a size suitable for final  processing
  • Compounding to  produce a high quality recycled plastic compound
  • You can select as few or as  many of our toll recycling services as you require and have your raw materials  returned to you in the form you require.

Want to Know More?

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